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I have wanted to go to backpack Europe ever since my dad began telling me stories of the trip he took when he was in college. I am taveling with my friends from high school and earlier: Ryan, Matt, Brett, Wes, and Scotty. I am so thankful and privileged to finally be on my way. What will I experience once I go? There's only one way to find out.

Location: Escondido, California, United States

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

GIMMELWALD- Switzerland is amazing. Earlier, when we were in Interlaken, it was overcast and rainy nearly the whole time, so we missed some of the beauty and the grandeur of the Alps. So I decided I would go back, hopefully with some good weather. Dan Combs, who went to Europe 2 summers ago, told me when I was in Switzerland I had to go to a little town on the edge of a mountain called Gimmelwald, and so I did. Thanks Dan. The town is about 2000 or so meters high, and you have to take a gondola to get their. It's really tiny and it gives you a front row seat of some of the most amazing snow covered mountains you've ever seen. The hostel there is extremely fun as well. The second day I was their I went on a hike to a few gorgeous waterfalls, and got up real close to some glaciers as well. The picture above is taken from just next to the hostel and it pretty much just speaks for itself.


Blogger frostythesnowdan said...

Thanks for the shoutout craig...i'm glad you enjoyed gimmelwald as much as i did. It is hands down the most beautiful place i've ever been.

ps. come back soon

10:42 PM PDT  
Anonymous mash said...

Hey, thanks for sending the photos along with your news....GREAT PHOTOS!!!

6:11 AM PDT  

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