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I have wanted to go to backpack Europe ever since my dad began telling me stories of the trip he took when he was in college. I am taveling with my friends from high school and earlier: Ryan, Matt, Brett, Wes, and Scotty. I am so thankful and privileged to finally be on my way. What will I experience once I go? There's only one way to find out.

Location: Escondido, California, United States

Monday, July 17, 2006

Paris- We decided to leave Paris a day earlier than planned, and so we took the chunnel train and got into Paris at 1115 at night- which was a problem because we did not have a place to stay. After being kicked out for trying to sleep in the train station, we tried to find a park near the hostel where we were staying the next few nights. It ended up being closed so we thought, if we┬┤re in Paris we might as well sleep by the Eiffel Tower, right? Little did we know what kind of hike we were getting ourselves into. After walking for about 2.5 hours with our full packs on, we finally arrived at the foot of the tower. We found a place in the park and tried to sleep for a couple of hours.

Da 4 - We took the metro over and waited to get into our hostel. We finally got in, slept a few hours, had dinner, and then went to the Eiffel Tower lit up, which was an amazing sight.

Day 5 - Went sightseeing. Saw the Louvre, Notre Dame, and climbed the Eiffel Tower (3rd time we saw it in three days). At night we took it easy.

Day 6 - Took a daytrip to Reims (Champagne region) and took a champagne tour. At night we went up to the hill in Montmartre (Paris) and then up by this cool church too watch the city at night and some fireworks in the distance.

Day 7 - Bastille Day (France Independence day). We walked down Champs Elysees and saw the Arc d' Triomph. WE then got good seats for the Bastille day Fireworks at the Eiffel tower. We had to wait there for like three or four hours, but it was worth it. It was the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen. It was choreographed with music and it lasted likme 35-40 minutes. Truly Amazing. Afterwards it was pandemonium in that probably 2-300,000 people or more who were watching the shoe all tried to get on the metro at the same time. Needless to say, it took us about 2 hours to get home, when it would have taken 15-20 miniutes normally.

Day 8 - We slept in did some Laundry and then went to Versailles. THe lines were too long and for us to go in but we did walk around the amazing gardens for a while. they were huge! Got our stuff and took the night train to San Sebastian.


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